The challenge

This project wasn’t just about selling jewellery – it was about creating a product that celebrated F&R’s values. To this end, the company combined rare fabric designs, photographs and intricate hand drawings on fine tracing paper to imbue their book with the attention to detail and whimsical artistry for which it is famous. The challenge for McPherson’s Printing was to reproduce these designs without distorting the colours or losing the textures.

The solution

From the conceptual stages of the project, McPherson’s Printing worked closely with F&R’s creative director, to navigate the hurdles of this complex brief. By printing the book in Australia, it was possible to collaboratively trouble-shoot each problem as it arose.

The first was printing on tracing paper; while this is nothing new, reproducing the opaque white highlights in the hand- drawn jewellery designs involved much experimentation. The solution? A creative combination of stochastic and conventional screening that achieved those ‘sparkles’ without losing the fine detail of the original drawings.

Getting the cover’s ancient kimono design spot on was another major test; featuring early fluorescent pigments rarely used today, the technicolour embroidery baffled the standard four-colour process. The solution here was to use hexachrome, an uncommon six-colour printing technique with superior colour range and accuracy.

"McPherson’s Printing were remarkable in their tenacity to achieve what the client wanted. There was a point at which we felt we’d seen the best that could be done, but then more tests were done, and yet more after that, and we ended up with a book much better than the client ever expected." Sam Grimmer, Creative Director.