The challenge

In today’s competitive marketplace, being first with the best is crucial. When communicating with its extensive customer list across Australia and New Zealand, NHP relies on well-designed price list catalogues that are first to market.

To this end, NHP not only needs a product that packs a visual punch, but also a streamlined supply-chain solution that takes the hassle, time and expense out of the pre-media, warehousing and distribution stages.

The solution

With a combination of technical know-how, IT smarts and some good old-fashioned creative flair, McPherson’s Printing provides NHP a complete end-to-end solution that meets the visual brief while reducing time to market.

Compiling the catalogues is a time consuming process for NHP, so anything that helps reduce turnaround times is top of the wish list. McPherson’s Insite Creative pre-media workflow is just the solution. This cutting-edge digital workflow enables NHP’s staff to review, annotate and approve high-resolution PDF proofs anywhere, any time, wherever they have access to the internet.

McPherson’s Printing saves time and money at the tail end, too. It bulk distributes the completed catalogues throughout Australia and New Zealand, and warehouses the remaining product for up to a year. Using the Insite Storefront, NHP staff can then order top-ups online, and keep track of inventory.

“At NHP, we are proud of our brand and careful about its presentation – McPherson’s Printing provide the best solution and maintain our corporate image. They also provide an end-to-end solution, from typesetting and printing, to warehousing and distribution. By dealing with one company, we avoid the stress that can come with coordinating a large-scale project.”