In Australia, we’re lucky that we can take the right to vote for granted. But come election time, McPherson's Printing Group takes nothing for granted. As the company responsible for the secure printing and distribution of all Victorian state electoral rolls, we know the slightest slip up could render the entire democratic process void. To ensure this never happens, we’ve developed state-of-the-art security and confidentiality procedures that help eliminate the opportunity for electoral roll tampering.

The challenge

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) asked McPherson's Printing Group to reduce project turn-around time from 10 to six days. We were also asked to improve print quality and readability to ensure 100 percent accuracy in electoral roll scanning.

The solution

Once test files were received, quality assurance procedures were developed and implemented to ensure strict control of registration requirements and print quality. Live files were then received and 'ripped', and test samples were produced and scanned on site. Approval to proceed was given that same day by the VEC quality assurance officer.

Next, more than 1.9 million impressions were produced on a digital web press with press checks conducted at the start of printing and at intervals of no more than 15 minutes. Each of the 88 electoral districts required 100 electoral rolls, which were individually drilled, shrink-wrapped for security, boxed, labelled and delivered.

“McPherson's Printing Group delivered the electoral rolls two days earlier than our client had asked, and six days earlier than previous turnarounds! At the same time, all security, registration and quality improvement requirements were met.”