When drivers need street directions in Melbourne, odds are they’ll reach for their Melway street directory. But what if that directory gets lost, before it even reaches the customer? thanks to McPherson's Printing Group, your new Melway will always find its way to the right store. our comprehensive, end-to-end printing solution means we’ve not only kept Ausway production on home soil, but have ensured Ausway street directories always reach their destination.

The challenge

Ausway approached Australian and overseas printers looking for a high quality product at a competitive price. To achieve this, the solution needed to reduce production costs, eliminate manual handling, and improve security and distribution processes.

The solution

McPherson's Printing has come up with a long-term, cost-effective solution that features an automated process specially designed to eliminate errors and maximise security. At the pre-press stage, electronic data transfer and proofing has reduced print lead times, while print quality has been improved using stochastic screening – a critical feature that makes small typefaces and map details more legible.

New technology, previously unavailable in Australia, was purchased to enable sections to be collated in-line with optical signature recognition. This, and the addition of a special bar-coding system on the text pages, eliminated errors in page collation. An auto-mated binding line was developed to replace the labour-intensive collating process. Finally, a security chip and ‘blue light’ technology were included in the automated process, to enable all products to be tracked enroute to their distribution points, as well as provide anti-shoplifting security interfacing.

"McPherson’s Printing wanted to keep the work in Australia so we had to be innovative with our solution. Helping Ausway maintain a competitive edge means Melbourne motorists can continue to rely on their Melway for direction ­– and Ausway can continue to rely on us."