Pre-media Services

Catalogue layout & pagination

Colour/image enhancement

File transfer protocol

Optical character recognition
(from camera ready copy)

Online ordering & scheduling

Photographic manipulation

Scanning: drum & flat-bed,
high resolution mono and
4 colour copydot

Technical advice

Pre-press services

A1 & A0 computer to plate

Data management

Digital imposition

Digital proofing: high and low resolution imposition proofs,
XP4 digital chromlin, spectrum proofing

Stochastic screening

Printing facilities

Digital printing:
web-fed and sheet-fed
1-colour to 4-colour (CMYK) to up to 6-colour perfecting
45-350gsm paper
coated and uncoated
digital printing page management system

Offset Sheet-fed printing:
2-colour, 4-colour, 5-colour, 8-colour and 10-colour presses
48-320gsm paper
coated and uncoated

Web Offset printing:
1-colour and 2-colour
33-120gsm paper
coated and uncoated