McPherson's Printing has planted the seed of sustainability in the minds of its customers using a novel approach to marketing.

At McPherson’s Printing, sustainability is high on our agenda, so when our designers, The Mangrove Studio, suggested a range of seed packets to showcase the range of products we produce, we jumped at the chance.

McPherson’s Printing can sometimes be pigeonholed as only producing black-and-white novels, but we produce much, much more. From puzzles and recipes, to romance novels, which can be printed in black-and-white, two-colour and full-colour, we do it all. The idea behind the seed packets was to remind our customers of this incredible versatility.

Never afraid to get her hands dirty in the garden, Sue Rooker, McPherson’s Printing Marketing and Account Manager, embraced the unique idea. "For us it’s about creating and selling value," she said. "The idea shows off our problem-solving and creative abilities, which help our customers manage their projects. Plus, combining print and gardening has created a quirky gift for our customers – something they can remember us by."

Basil, sunflower and marigold seeds were used, with a different message printed on each packet. The packets were printed on our colour digital press using our standard digital cover stock. Form cutting and assembly were completed in Melbourne by Sow’nSow, an environmentally conscious business whose products promote sustainability through gardening.

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